Traffic jam in China
A 50-lane completely stuck
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When you fall in love with a commercial
girl. A guy. And a stick of gum. See their love story unwrap
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Drivable cardboard
LEXUS and lasercut works craft hand
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Wonderful work
Views: 1259
Scars covered with tattoos
Reclaiming your body
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This happens when you fall for the wrong person
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We Are From the Future
The future is a beautiful place.
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Car dent gone with boiling water
Pretty cool
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What a wonderful tribute to a man whose absence must have been sorely felt that day
Her brother thought of a touching way to give her a truly special father/daughter dance
Views: 868
Surfing on Fire
Jamie O'Brien madness
Views: 1035
Fourteen days of storm chasing
The Chase
Views: 942
Bride sings down the aisle
Such a creative way and beautiful memory of your wedding
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