Amazing Art
Cool, funny & wierd
Views: 1847
An ER doctor steps outside after losing a 19-year old patient
The man pictured was unable to save one of his patients
Views: 810
Bubble Art
Views: 1097
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Mother & Daughter Matching Outfits
Views: 2892
Amazing face paint
Meet some of the coolest paintings that use faces as canvas
Views: 1555
Creative drawings completed using everyday objects
The artist name is Christoph Niemann
Views: 2131
The Beauty of Genetics
These twin sisters look totally different
Views: 1289
Origami Sculptures
Amazing creations
Views: 1314
Extreme thirst
Death Defying Stunt
Views: 1265
What to Do When You Lock Your Keys In Your Car
All you need is piece of string
Views: 1032
Artist with Alzheimer's drew self portraits for 5 years until he could barely remember his own face
In these pictures we see with heart-breaking intensity William’s efforts to explain his altered self, his fears and his sadness.
Views: 1213

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