Granny bungee jumping
The bravest Granny of all
Views: 1075
A car flew on a truck's trailer
Lucky driver
Views: 935
Cat Loves Champagne
Yum Yum
Views: 964
Dog adopts a baby chick
This proves dogs are the best when it comes to loving others unconditionally
Views: 1147
Guy jumps from Bike to Car at Full Speed
This guy had crazy good luck
Views: 911
Dog Loves Watermelon
Puppy Eyes
Views: 988
Nice designer
Small but intelligent
Views: 902
Road rage with Disney characters
Costumed Disney Employees Beat Dudes Ass in Street
Views: 846
Sea Foam Blankets Australian Beach Town
This happens when the ocean is agitated by wind, waves
Views: 986
Funny reaction of cats to the sound of tape
That sound gives me chills
Views: 864
Dancing in the garbage truck
Working with style
Views: 824

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